ElmsFest have hosted a diverse range of artists and Performers who have never failed to bring a crowd! Each year we hope to have different local Performers involved at ElmsFest! If you’re interested in being apart of  ElmsFest please don’t hesitate to contact one of our organisers @ ELMSFEST

Ridgeside ‘Little Nippers’ and Falconry Display

Phill and Tracy Gibbons of Ridgeside invite you to see their fantastic dogs do what comes naturally to them!

“Little Nippers Racing”     

The ‘Little Nippers’ are the latest addition to the Ridgeside Family – and they can’t wait to bring real mayhem to shows and fayres all over the UK with the ‘Little Nippers Racing’.


In the arena they will race both over obstacles and at full speed chasing the electric lure. They offer a fast, action-packed demonstration with an informative and humourous commentary by Phill.

The public will have the chance to “have a go” with their own dogs – whatever their breed!

Not only great fun for the dogs – audiences love it too!


Falconry Display

Ridgeside Falconry is the largest mobile display team in the Country providing County Shows, Carnivals, Fairs and Special Event Days with Falconry Demonstrations.

The Birds of Prey Demonstrations consist of a static display of approximately 15 Birds of Prey from around the world, including owls, falcons, hawks, eagles and vultures, plus spectacular free flying display lasting between 20-30 minutes.



The Kangaroo Kids

Matt Coulter, the Kangaroo Kid, is a world class stuntman from Gold Coast, Australia. His stunts are performed on Quad bikes on which he has created many "Guinness Book of Records" records throughout the years – amongst them jumping 14 4 x 4 Jeeps and 4 moving 4 x 4 Jeeps.

After a four year break from his famous stunt show that made him famous all over the world, The Kangaroo Kid made his comeback to the UK show circuit in 2013. The demand for the Kangaroo Kids stunt show was as big as ever – bringing record crowds to shows all over the UK

For 2017 Matt will be offering one of his biggest fans the opportunity of a lifetime to be part of his shows and the coming 2017 season looks set to be another big Kanga adventure for 29 Year old Paul Hannam.

At 15 Paul started working at Keypitts Off Road Centre and spent the next 6 years as a quad instructor. Paul started racing quads at the age of 21, coming 4th three years in a row at the infamous Western Beach Race. In 2011 Paul became South West Enduro Champion and came 3rd in the British Quad Championships.

The show includes stunts using specially fitted quad-bikes (one even fitted with a roll cage) and they finish the show with a spectacular jump over anything that is put in their path, be it cars, trucks or tractors (Matt has even jumped a flying aeroplane).

The Kangaroo Kids showmanship captures the crowd and keeps them captivated for the duration of their performance.

Using a microphone in his helmet that is linked to the shows main PA system, the Kangaroo Kid keeps the crowd informed with a witty commentary, while displaying incredible skill and agility manoeuvring his selection of quad bikes around the arena.





2017 and 2018 Artists:

Harry Cambridge

Despite the fact that that he’s sung and entertained from a very early age,

including a brief spell on the West End stage with the National Youth Theater, Harry’s singing career really took-off after appearing on Granada Televisions “Stars In Their Eyes” as Luther Vandross. The producers were so impressed that they asked him to return for TWO more special shows!

Harry is a founder member of a Motown 12 piece tribute band – Tops and Temps – which currently tours throughout the UK performing live such songs as ‘My Girl’, ‘Reach out’ as well as many other popular Motown hits.

As well as working throughout the UK, Harry performs for audiences in other exotic locations around the world.

Harry is also a former Fire Fighter having worked in the London Fire Brigade and still shares great friendship from former colleagues.

Kate McCabe

Kate is a very experienced vocal entertainer whose singing has taken her all over the world. Her work includes a wide variety of venues from clubs, pubs, hotels and holiday centres to cruise ships.

She began her career in 1999 and realising that she wanted to be more than just another singer, she took inspiration from her McCabe comedy family background and embarked on the stand-up circuit where she received excellent reviews and caused quite a stir with her own brand of unique silliness.

Kate has now pushed the stand-up into the background and her efforts are concentrated once more on her vocal career. The combination of her excellent singing voice together with her natural comedy instinct and the ability to think on her feet has established her as a truly versatile entertainer.

Kate McCabe is also a highly regarded radio presenter.


When Harriet was very young, her Grandad played guitar and sang, although he never did any gigs. He would just record himself in his attic and would usually let Harriet play along with him on the bass drum he'd made out of wood. When Harriet

was around eight years old, her Grandad died of cancer and he had passed down his precious guitar to her. It was a year later that Harriet decided to learn how to play guitar. Her mum (Rebecca McDonnell) taught Harriet how to play the three-chord trick and this lead her on to the writing of her first song, which was about the passing away of her Grandad. Harriet then went on to having guitar lessons at her school (Ockbrook School) and was taught how to play classical guitar for about a year. She then finally persuaded her teacher to teach her chords and well-known songs in which would get her more interested. Week in, week out he would then teach Harriet cover songs - in which she has saved up and she still plays some of them at gigs today.

Harriet joined the school choir to train her voice. She is not religious in anyway but she stuck with it and it has helped her voice a lot. She tried having singing lessons at various different places but found them tedious so she decided to become self-taught. At thirteen years of age, Harriet wrote her first commercial song called 'Black, Red and Green' in which is about young Harriet wanting to grow up to be a rocker by dying her hair different colours but her parents not letting her. She still plays this song today and it's quite a favourite with her friends and fans! During this time, Harriet also learned how to play electric guitar because her favourite genre was, and still is rock music (and country), even though she is passionate about nearly every genre.

Harriet joined the Derby 'School of Rock' and there they taught her how to form a band, learn songs as a band, record and perform as a band. This is where she met her bassist for her first rock band 'The Unknown Cause'. There, she also met her guitarist for her latest band 'RaNk'. During the time in the band, Harriet was also concentrating on peforming publicly. At just fourteen, she went to see an acoustic double-act play at The Silk Mill (Silk Mill Ale House) in the centre of Derby. She plucked up the courage to ask them

whether she could play in their break. They agreed that she could, so she borrowed a guitar and nervously played her song 'Black, Red and Green' along with covers 'Mercedes-Benz' by Janis Joplin and 'Zombie' by The Cranberries. After she'd played, a couple of people came up to her and offered her a couple of gigs around Derby. From these gigs, she was offered more gigs and she also started attending some open mic nights around Derby including the popular open mic night at The Old Bell Hotel.  When Harriet was Fifteen, she left 'The Unknown Cause', and joined a couple of other bands. None which were successful or even had band names - until she created a band called 'Remember The Anger' with members Martin Garton, William Butler and 'Ghandi'. They did a couple of gigs but before long, they replaced the drummer with Theo Kay and re-named the band to 'RaNk'. They gigged often and created lots of songs of a metal/rock/grunge genre. In 2013, Theo had been replaced with Daniel Jordan (due to complications) who Harriet had met at college and he brought a whole new feeling to the band and they started creating catchy songs with unusual time signatures.

Sadly, RaNk split up in Summer 2014 due to William (guitarist) leaving for University in New Zealand. That brings us to today. Harriet is still gigging as a solo act and is getting stronger and stronger through new songs, new fans and new experiences. She has played at festivals such as Y Not Festival, Osfest, The Edinburgh Fringe, Maiwoche Festival in Germany and many more - and there's plenty more on the way!

'Harriet' has now got a wide collection of catchy, original songs and will be bringing out her first E.P in January called 'Hidden Messages' which will be available to download on itunes.

True Fable

Who Is
True Fable?

Francesca (aka Winter) & Charley are the female singers behind the name True Fable. Both have been singers and performers since they were children and have been working together for many years.


As a child Francesca would write lyrics constantly and sing around the house. She went on to study musical theatre at performing arts college and from there has worked with various record labels and producers. She is always heavily involved in the production of music and most recently has been working to put together a charity single to raise money for cancer charities.


At a young age Charley started to learn violin. From there she taught herself to play piano and also learnt some guitar. She was also the lead singer in school bands. She studied music, always chosing to sing alonside playing piano in many of her exams. She has also performed in musicals and has had a key role working alongside Francesca in an up coming charity single.